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Bodi Farm in The Channon joins our Heart Safe community with a new Defibrillator or AEDs on the farm

The Community that is Bodhi Farm at The Channon, outside Lismore NSW, have become a “heart safe community” by buying an AED for their community farm at The Channon. Bodhi Farm started in the 1970’s as a Buddhist community of like minded souls who came together to create a simpler life and a desire to live collectively and in tune with the natural environment. It seems those ideals still bind this wonderful community on the North Coast of NSW.

Here at  International Paramedic College Australia. We believe that learning how to use a defibrillator is just as important as buying an AED, as it takes the fear out of using it and the training and understanding of how an AED works helps reduce the all important “time to first shock” which we believe is one of the “7 reasons every workplace should buy an AED”  For every minute that defibrillation is delayed their is a 10% reduction in survival. Knowing this, the Bodhi Farm community asked us to come out and share lunch and our knowledge about “What to do until the Ambulance arrives” as they are in a somewhat remote location and have had their share of emergencies.

The conch shell was blown from the communal centre, signalling all to come to the communal centre for a wonderful lunch. We then got together and discussed the type of emergencies they faced and worked out what sort of First Aid treatment might be relevant to their community and What to do until the Ambulance arrives, a free community based education session we have developed to give something back to our local communities.

We went through Snake bite first aid, and how to live together with snakes, the use of the CAT Tourniquet in arterial bleeding, management of an unconscious patient and of course understanding CPR and What is an AED and how to use an Lifepak CR2 AED we recommended to them. What a great community.

“Their are generally 3 important principals to remote first aid or wilderness first aid or situations where help might be delayed in reaching you

  1. One patient is enough; take no unnecessary risks that may cause additional casualties.
  2. Providing care in austere environments is important but recognising who needs to get to a hospital is critical.
  3. That while this training is beneficial, it does not equal the depth of knowledge required to make difficult clinical judgements in remote or austere environments but it does help us realise our own skills and limitations and when we need to call for help and importantly, how best to do that in a way that emergency services can easily locate you through the Emergency Plus phone App with its “what three word functionality



Craig Nolan

CEO and Paramedic, International Paramedic College

Why you should buy an AED for your workplace or home

“The city of Seattle in the USA has an effective public education and AED program. If we could do the same here and emulate their success we could save around 34 Australians a day or 12000 a year.”

Craig Nolan

CEO and Paramedic, International Paramedic College

“The survival rate for cardiac arrest in King County Seattle has risen from 27% in 2002 and hit an all-time high of 62 percent in 2013”


% Australian survival rate


% of casualties die before reaching hospital


% survival rate target (Seattle USA)

Australians could survive each day with a Seattle system

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