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25 Essentials First aid Kit Add on Module

$143.00 (inc GST)

Special student package exclusively offer for students on the day of your course.

You can pick up this kit from your trainer on the day of your course to save on postage

Everything you need in a first aid package, and nothing you don’t. We have put together a collection of items that, we believe, should be in every first aid kit. The package of items can be purchased on the day of a course with International Paramedic College discounted or online here. Items can be purchased individually.

Package includes a training tourniquet and emergency bandage to practice your skills with this specialist equipment to control arterial bleeding

Products may vary depending on availability


If you need a bag this Green Softpack First Aid Bag – Large fits this kit perfectly.

The 25 Essentials Package contains the essential first aid kit and training items for you in one package.

The Blue training tourniquet and emergency bandage are ideal for use in our online stop the bleed course

*All products may vary depending on availability

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The 25 Essentials Package add on module. Add to your first aid kit. It contains the essential first aid kit items for you to add to your first aid kit.

Eye and Wound Wash (100ml)



Eye cupped shape fits into eye socket with 100mls of saline to flush the eye
Can also be used to flush out wounds

Emergency Bandage



Brilliant yet simple solution to control blood loss fast and can be used as a tourniquet See our Utube channel for videos on how to use this amazing bandage

Fine Pointed Splinter Forceps



Top quality superfine splinter forceps
You can get out nasty splinters at home

4 Triangular Bandages



Versatile triangular bandage for Lower
Limb Fractures and slings

Paramedic Shears



Paramedic shears will cut through almost anything. If you are going to have scissors they may as well be good.

Snake Bite Bandage with indicators



Snake Bite Bandage and 1 Pressure Immobilisation Bandage (PIB) Information Sheet (showing you how to use the PIB and manage a snake or spider bite)

Antiseptic Powder (EDP)



Great povidone-iodine antiseptic in a powder form that is great for drying out wounds.

Eye Protection



So essential personal protection. Help protect you
from blood being splattered in your eyes

Nitrile gloves



Personal protection nitrile gloves

Burn Gel Dressing
3 Sterile Combine Dressings
Non-woven Paper Tape
Safety Pins
Premium Conforming Bandage
Add a Genuine CAT 7 Tourniquet
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