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Rent Hire or Lease an AED for your next Gathering

A low cost alternative to buying an AED or Defibrillator for your event

International Paramedic College

Short term AED sales and hire

Hire an AED to treat Sudden Cardiac Arrest (SCA) at your event or gathering, the perfect business solution.

“Our AED hire units are great for any sports event, party or family gathering where you would like to have an AED present just in case.”

Craig Nolan

Paramedic, International Paramedic College

Our Packages

Get a package to suit you!

Need AED training

Customised Instruction with Every AED Hire

As a registered training organisation We can provide full training and support in the use of an AED and CPR


Acceptance of our rental terms and conditions apply with the hire of an AED, including –

  • Minimum two days hire. You can contact us to discuss longer term options but we generally offer short term rental arrangements only;
  • User pays for any consumables used or damage to the AED.
  • A hire contract is available
  • The Australian Resuscitation Council says that the use of an AED or Defibrillator as it is also called, should not be restricted to trained personal. The use of AED’s by individuals without prior formal training can be life-saving because every minute defibrillation is delayed their is a 10% reduction in survival. We recommend that people should be trained in the use of an AED so that the pads are placed correctly and the time to first shock is reduced.

Why rent an AED?

No Maintenence

We take care of the maintenance, battery and pads replacement and ensure your AED is “ready to go”.

Signage and Cabinets

AED signs and public access cabinets are available

Stress Relief

Reduce the worry about things going wrong.

User Guides and Training

We can provide user guides and training in the use of an AED.

Child AEDs

An AED can be provided that can be used to treat children.

Time Critical Support

The absence of early defibrillation combined with CPR means that the chances of survival decrease 10% every minute that passes.

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