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Stop the Bleed Pack for Severe Arterial Hemorrhage

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Stop the bleed pack

Do the Maths – You need to help yourself, not wait for help
Do the maths, 5 to 6 liters of blood in the body. Heart beats 70 times a minute and ejects about 70 mls of blood. That equals 4.9 litres of blood circulated by the heart each minute.

So your heart can eject your entire blood volume in minutes from arterial bleeding. Yes I understand the variables, but the principle remains the same.

The CAT Generation 7 Tourniquet is the official tourniquet of the U.S Army. Learn to apply on yourself like the military do because given the maths you are unlikely to last until help arrives without an emergency tourniquet.


Stop the Bleed Treatment Pack

Our stop the bleed pack is for worksites or people who work in high risk occupations where are at risk of arterial bleeding through workplace injury contains the following essential items to add to your first aid kit that are not normally found in first aid kits to help you control arterial bleeding and large wounds.

1 Combat Application Tourniquet

2 FCP01 10*17cm Emergency or Israeli military trauma and haemorrhage control wound dressing/bandage

1  FCP09 30*30cm Emergency or Israeli military trauma and haemorrhage control wound dressing/bandage

5 20cm * 20cm Combine dressings to pack wounds

1 pair of paramedic shears to cut through wetsuits etc

1 personal protection pack including gloves and eye protection

1 free e book on Tourniquet use

We strongly recommend you complete our specialised workshop practical training in the use of these products to control bleeding. We can supply this flexible training package to suit your needs.

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