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Tick Tox

$26.20 (inc GST)

For You and Your Pets

Tick Tox is a new Australian product that kills ticks instantaneously by snap freezing. Easily carried in a small aerosol container, so it is ideal for campers, travellers or just around the home, It is economical too, one can of Tick Tox will kill more than 40 ticks, and it kills leeches too!
Bulk pricing available, call for details.


Steps to using Tick Tox

  1. Locate tick
  2. Remove cap of Tick Tox®
  3. If possible, mask skin with the Tick Tox® “bookmask”
  4. Aim nozzle at the tick taking great care to not touch the tick
  5. Spray Tick Tox® for short as possible – less than 1 second is plenty
  6. Tick is now dead. Dab (or better) spray the bite with antiseptic.
  7. WAIT for  a minimum of 10 minutes or so. During this time, the jaws release –NOTE : some dead ticks remain hooked for an hour or more. Try to be patient! And don’t squash it!
  8.  Brush dead tick away
  9.  Dab some more antiseptic like EDP on the bite site. (we recommend EDP as a fantastic powdered antiseptic)
  10.  See a doctor if any disturbing symptoms occur in the next few days – for example, appearance of a ring around the bite site.

Freeze Your Ticks Off

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