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Emergency Israeli Bandage

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Over 40 per cent of trauma-related deaths occur in the first 24 hours following an injury due to massive blood loss. First Care Products develops innovative bleeding control products for pre-hospital emergency care that work to immediately and effectively apply direct pressure on wounds, controlling the bleeding and forestalling shock and death. Our Emergency Bandages feature a number of consolidated functions that make application and treatment easy, even when using the bandage on yourself.

Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Wound Dressing for Medics/Soldiers, Emergency Medical Services, First Responders, Disaster Preparedness, Homeland Security, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, Sports & Outdoors, First-Aid Kits. Featured as part of our Shark Attack Pack at International Paramedic Copllege


Military Trauma & Hemorrhage Control Wound Dressing

Bleeding control is 1 or the 10 Vital First Aid Skills and this Emergency Bandage can treat a variety of wounds, from minor to life-threatening. As with the entire Emergency Bandage series, the FCP01 is the first to incorporate a number of innovative elements for immediate haemorrhage in pre-hospital emergency situations. The built-in, patented Pressure Applicator can apply over 30 pounds of pressure directly to a wound. The Closure Bar, which secures the Wrapping Leader in a simple, fast and familiar movement, can also be used to exert additional pressure on a wound site. Other unique features include the Stop & Go release, providing controlled application of the bandage without the risk of unravelling, and the Handle Loop, a -fold of Wrapping Leader adjacent to the bandage pad that enables the proper opening and positioning of the bandage pad on the wound site. For self-application, the Handle Loop facilitates correct bandaging – even one-handed. The bandage is double vacuum packed to ensure its integrity and sterility while tear notches opposite each other on the outer packaging enable easy opening.

Features of the Israeli Bandage

•             Internationally patented, FDA approved modular bandage, also known as an Israeli Bandage

•             Quick, easy and convenient for one-handed or self-application

•             Sterile, non-adherent pad for direct pressure to any site.and wound re-opening upon removal

•             Secondary sterile dressing maintains pad and pressure and reduces risk of further infection

•             Additional tourniquet application to further constrict blood-flow

•             Built in closure bar; no pins, clips, tape, velcro or knots

•             Vacuum-sealed packaging; X-Ray compatible

•             Controls haemorrhaging from injuries caused by traffic accidents, workplace accidents, home injuries, gunshot, knife and other assault wounds

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The Emergency Bandage

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