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Ballina Council has organised a Defibrillator for the Senior Citizens Hall in Swift Street Ballina making their Hall a “Heart Safe Place”

Bonnie Bennett and the team at the Ballina Senior Citizens Hall in Swift Street Ballina are making their hall a heart safe place for the seniors and the community groups who use it.

Now besides all the activities in the hal, Craig Nolan and the team from International Paramedic College Australia have run an AED defibrilator Awareness Session for the seniors and the people who use the community hall. They have decided to install an AED or defibrillator that may help you in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest. Bonnie contacted International Paramedic College Australia because they needed some advice and a little help to understand the best AED or defibrillator that would best suit their needs and help them to help themselves if they ever need to.

They wanted to purchase an AED that was really easy to use. We recommend the Lifepak CR2 AED as part of our Gold Value package that includes a cabinet and AED awareness training. The Lifepak CR2 ticked all the boxes because we believe it has everything you need in an AED but is really simple to use without confusing screens and pad set-ups. Because you only have to see the green light flashing on the front to know the AED is good to go, then you don’t have to worry about complicated maintenance routines. We also recommend CPR classes in Ballina to learn how to deliver effective CPR in an emergency.

Here at  International Paramedic College Australia we are big fans of community facilities and groups like the Ballina Seniors. Buying an AED and installing the AED cabinet in a visible place takes care of their community. Understanding the Role of Defibrillators in Sudden Cardiac Arrest can make a huge difference in someone’s life and those around them. The Australian Resuscitation Council says that for every minute defibrillation is delayed their is a 10% reduction in survival. So an AED on-site is a great idea.

Why you should buy an AED for your community

“The city of Seattle in the USA has an effective public education and AED program. If we could do the same here and emulate their success we could save around 34 Australians a day or 12000 a year.”

Craig Nolan

CEO and Paramedic, International Paramedic College

“The survival rate for cardiac arrest in King County Seattle has risen from 27% in 2002 and hit an all-time high of 62 percent in 2013”


% Australian survival rate


% of casualties die before reaching hospital


% survival rate target (Seattle USA)

Australians could survive each day with a Seattle system

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