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Penthrox Methoxyflurane Training Pack

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Online Pain Relief Training Course PUAEME005 Provide pain management Training Combination Pack

Penthrox Methoxyflurane training pack helps you learn how to deliver “Penthrox” also known as ‘the green whistle’ in Australia and New Zealand where it has been on the market for several years and provides effective pre-hospital management of emergency pain relief especially in sports medicine, trauma, burns, bites and stings.

Penthrox ® is a hand-held inhaler used by adult trauma patients delivered via the green inhaler to provide fast, effective pain relief within 6 – 10 breaths. This training combination pack is used in our online nationally accredited training course in the use of pain management analgesics.



Penthrox Methoxyflurane training pack

Pain reduction is a vital part of pre-hospital care

Penthrox Methoxyflurane or often referred to as the green whistle is an analgesic or pain-relieving device used by medical practitioners, the defence forces, ambulance paramedics, sports clubs and surf lifesavers, first responders EMT’s and medics to administer emergency pain relief. It is popular in remote first aid locations like mine sites and the mining sector as a simple  non-addictive and easy to administer pain management option, making it an excellent choice for situations where a fast-acting and uncomplicated method of pain relief is required.

International Paramedic College’s fully accredited PUAEME005A Provide pain management online course covers the appropriate knowledge and competency required to administer restricted analgesics (Paracetamol and Methoxyflurane) to relieve pain, as a part of a medically supervised first responder organisation as well as the State/territory licensing procedures for the storage and administration of drugs.

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