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A passionate patron of education, Dr Jennie Bickmore-Brand was already a successful academic, with both a master’s degree and a PhD, when she came to study the Master of Arts (Leadership) at AC. Jennie then went on to become a lecturer in the Leadership Program, where she also developed AC’s Master of Teaching (Primary).

Throughout her career, Jennie has been influential in the education – teaching, leading, and working as a consultant for organisational leadership and government policy. Jennie says, “I believe education is the passport to freedom. For example, if you look at developing countries, the whole community can be transformed when people – particularly the women – are educated with literacy.”

Specialising in adult learning, organisational development and leadership psychology, Jennie has been an advocate and deliverer of innovative solutions in many school, tertiary education and community contexts. Jennie’s work has had a significant impact on education in Australia with her PhD findings and publications influencing the teaching of maths across all age groups.

You may have seen Jennie on The Project on TV. She also serves as an education expert and as President for two terms on the Australian Council for Adult Literacy. Jennie strongly believes in the power of education and the important role that a teacher has to play. Jennie reflects, “Many people have ‘lies’ spoken over them about their abilities, however, education in the area of their passion can release them from a life of oppression. I believe God has a purpose and plan for everyone and the goal of a teacher is to find the key to unlocking that for each person they teach.”

Jennie’s thirst for further learning brought her to AC, as she wanted to develop her biblical and theological understanding, as well as her leadership skills. While Jennie previously studied theology, she appreciated the different approach to study that AC provided. Jennie says, “It was so different studying at a place where they were spirit filled and had an eschatological understanding of what they were teaching. I felt part of the body of Christ in class. My prayer when I came to AC was to write what I was learning on my heart and not just have it as head knowledge- it’s still my prayer whenever I read or study something.”

Read Jennie’s story December 18, 2017

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