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Snake Spider Tick Bites Fish Spine and Stings Complete Package

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Marine stings Ticks Snake & Spider Bite Package

This kit is exclusive to International Paramedic College and contains a best tension bandage and equipment you need to treat a snake or spider bite in an emergency. Quality equipment for you to add to your first aid kit or personal protection pack.

Tick Tox to freeze ticks off

Snakebite venom is carried in the lymphatic system and not in the bloodstream, as many mistakenly believe. That’s why the main aim of snakebite first aid is to reduce lymphatic flow by applying continuous firm pressure over the affected limb. This is known as the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) but what the “Goldilocks measure” is how much pressure is just right. Indicator bandages help you get it “just right”

Venomous Bites and Stings complete package for Snake Spider Ticks Stonefish

Everything you need to manage bites and stings in the great outdoors. Ideal for bushwalkers mine and construction sites or for anyone who spends time in the great Australian outdoors. Just add your own bottle of Vinegar and you tick all the boxes.

Australia has many venomous snakes, spiders and the like – be ready with this complete package of items to add to your first aid kit.

Complete with the new Tension Indicator Bandages that have been a massive success in assisting people to achieve the correct tension needed while performing the Pressure Immobilisation Technique – which is used for the treatment of all Australian snake bites, Funnel Web Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus stings and Cone Shell stings and any other bites and stings where the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends a Pressure Immobilisation Bandage.

This package of equipment is specially selected by International here to manage the full range of bites, stings and envenomation you may find in Australia by adding this equipment to your first aid kit, Package includes

1  Large Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators to cover the whole limb
1 Aluminum lightweight padded splint (Roll able or fordable)
2 Conforming Premium Heavyweight Bandages
1 Permanent Marker for marking the bite site
1  Instant hot/cold pack for bites and stings (320gram) for bites and stings
1 Can of Tick Tox spray to freeze your ticks of
1 EDP povidone-iodine antiseptic in a powder form that is great for drying out wounds after tick removal or general wound care
2 Triangular bandages (important to immobilise the limb to restrict venom movement)
1 Snake Bite management information sheet
1 Splinter forceps great for splinters and removing tick remnants after freezing

You can use as a Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) and the indicator bandage for the treatment of all Australian Snakebites, Funnel Webbed Spiders, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell sting.

Snakebite/ Spider bite indicator bandages have a visual application guide makes it easy for the general public to apply the bite bandage consistently and correctly.

The optimal pressure recommended by the Australian Venom Research Unit at the University of Melbourne is a firm 40mmhg for an arm and 55mgHg for a leg.

The indicator bandage gives a great marker of how firm an effective PIB should be, making it easier to feel and use the visual guide to apply the correct amount of pressure needed for effective application.

Unlike other bandages, you only need one. This is long enough to treat even the longest of limbs. Being able to completely bandage a limb is a must with snakebite as is effectively splinting the limb and laying the patient down to minimise any movement.

Download the AVRU fact sheet here

You can read more about snake bite indicator bandages and why they are better than the old crepe bandage here on our website

This package of equipment does not come in its own kit bag, it is intended to be added to your first aid supplies or put in a plastic Tupperware container to waterproof it.

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