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Premium Snake & Spider Bite Kit

$49.95 Inc GST

This kit contains the AeroForm Snakebite Bandage which is 10cm wide and longer than most crepe or elastic bandages so you only need one bandage to cover an entire limb. This bandage has a  unique stitching technology to allow the correct pressure to be evenly applied along the limb and it stretches to an incredible 10m which is sufficient length to bandage a large adult leg. You need the correct pressure and enough bandage to cover the entire limb to provide effective treatment for venomous bites.


Australia has many venomous snakes, spiders and the like – be ready with this light, compact and practical snake and spider bite kit.

Complete with the new AEROFORM Tension Indicator Bandages that have been a massive success in assisting people to achieve the correct tension needed while performing the Pressure Immobilisation Technique – which is used for the treatment of all Australian snake bites, Funnel Web Spider bites, Blue Ringed Octopus stings and Cone Shell stings and any other bites and stings where the Australian Resuscitation Council recommends a pressure Immobilisation Bandage.

This compact kit is in a durable softpack bag that can be worn on the belt, and contains everything needed to respond effectively in an emergency and increase the chance of survival and reduce the possibility of long-term damage.

Contents meet Australian Standard AS2675-1983

Download Snakebite PDF

AFHSB100-I AEROFORM Snake Bite Bandage with Indicators 1
AR1018R-I AEROSPLINT 36″ (Rolled) 1
AFHP100-I AEROFORM Conforming Premium Heavyweight 1
87215294-I Duramark Snake Bite Marker 1
AII2500 AEROPLAST Instant Ice Pack 80g 1
ANS503S-I AEROSWAB Non-Woven Swab 3 pieces 1
ABC10-I AEROBAND Calico Triangular Bandage 110cm x 110cm 1
ASGFAK-I AERO Snake Bite Leaflet A5 1
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