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Setopress Bandage for Snake Bite Package

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Snake & Spider Bite Package

This kit is exclusive to International Paramedic College and contains the best tension bandage and equipment you need to treat a snake or spider bite in an emergency.

Snakebite venom is carried in the lymphatic system and not in the bloodstream, as many mistakenly believe. That’s why the main aim of snake bite first aid is to reduce lymphatic flow by applying continuous firm pressure over the affected limb. This is known as the Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) but what the “Goldilocks measure” is how much pressure is just right.


Add this package to your first aid kit, Package includes

1 Setopress bandage (this is enough to completely cover a limb)

2 Triangular bandages (important to immobilise the limb)

1 Pressure Immobilisation Bandage (PIB) Information Sheet (showing you how to use the PIB and manage a snake or spider bite)

1 permanent marker (to mark bite location on the bandage)

The Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU) has recently recommended the Setopress High Compression Bandage for use as a Pressure Immobilisation Technique (PIT) for the treatment of all Australian Snake bites, Funnel Webbed Spiders, Blue Ringed Octopus and Cone Shell stings.

While the Setopress High Compression Bandage has long been popular with high-risk groups, the visual application guide makes it easy for the general public to apply the Setopress bandage consistently and correctly.
Offering two compression options, the Setopress bandage has brown rectangles printed on one side, and green rectangles on the other.

When stretched correctly the rectangles become squares which provide over 30mmHg (brown square) and 20mmHg (green square) of pressure.

The optimal pressure recommended by the AVRU at the University of Melbourne is slightly firmer at 40mmhg for an arm and 55mgHg for a leg.

However, when you apply this bandage it gives you a great marker of how firm an effective PIB should be, making it easier to feel and use the visual guide to apply the correct amount of pressure needed for effective application of the PIB.

Unlike other bandages, you only need one, as the Setopress is 3.5m long un-stretched. This is long enough to treat even the longest of limbs. Being able to completely bandage a limb is a must with snakebite as is effectively splinting the limb and laying the patient down to minimise any movement.

The Australian Venom Research Unit (AVRU) at Melbourne University recommends the Pressure Immobilisation Bandage

Download the AVRU fact sheet here

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