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Mindray Beneheart C2 AED Gold Value Package


Mindray BeneHeart C2 AED Gold Value Package

This is an exciting new product from Mindray, a company that makes many high end medical imaging and monitoring products. It is full of the latest features and is just being released in Australia. Check out the video below to see all the features.

The latest technology C2 Mindray Defibrillator (with screen) is the fastest to first shock in a life saving crisis, it is so simple to use in a time of need. WiFi, Semi Auto or Fully Auto. IP55 rated for water and dust, cost saving  full 5 year Battery and Pad life, the longest on the market which reduces the total cost of ownership over the life of the product. Largest AED screen available (18cm), Very robust, visual, voice and text prompts. Paediatric switch. Programmable Visual ECG on screen. All this and it cycles up to a market leading 360J shock in accordance with the required guidelines.

  • Fully Automatic model = no button to push to deliver shock. Semi-Automatic model = push button to deliver a shock. We recommend the fully automatic model for use as a public access defibrillator

Please watch the video and download the PDF about this great product


Why is the Mindray Benheart D1 the best AED to buy?

  • Display                                Large and highly visible 7” colour LCD 800 x 480 display Text/video/voice prompts  Auto adjusting volume and screen brightness
  • Electrode pads                     Pre-connected pads to save time
  • Paediatric capacity               Adult / paediatric auto identification through the pads connection
  • Operation/Shock delivery      Easy to operate/Semi-automatic
  • CPR support                       CPR support including video and voice prompts
  • Portability                            Integrated carry handle. Light wight 2.3kg
  • Ballery life                          4 year battery (300 shocks)/Battery status indicator and alarm
  • Self-test                             Self-test setting: daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly
  • Dust/water resistance         Rugged IP 55 Rating against dust and water

BeneHeart C Series AED Smarter and Faster

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Additional information

Weight 2.0 kg
Dimensions 21.0 × 7.95 × 28.6 cm
Model Choice

Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic


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  • 7 inch Colour Screen
  • Fastest time to critical first shock. QShockTM technology that enables the first shock to be delivered in less than 8 seconds
  • Adult and child mode with one set of pre-connected pads
  • Open the lid to power on
  • Support semi-auto and fully auto modes
  • Higher Energy up to 360 Joules

Our unique Mindray Gold Value Package includes unique features that provide value for Companies Organisations and social groups

  • Sporting groups, park runs, social sports clubs lifesaving, cadet, fitness centres, boot camps, triathlons
  • Companies, businesses
  • “Not for Profits” Social clubs churches
  • Aged care and disability support, health care facilities doctors, dental surgeries and first responders

Mindray C2 series Gold Value Package Includes:

  • Free Shipping Australia Wide
  • 1 x Mindray C2 Defibrillator, rated IP55 from water and dust (Semi Automatic or Fully Automatic)
  • 1 x Standard wall mounted AED cabinet with signage or wall bracket (can upgrade to an alarmed model for small extra cost)
  • 1 x Adult and Child electrode pads
  • 1 x CHARGE-PAK
  • 1 x CPR Mask and First Responder AED Prep Kit (sheers, razor, gloves)
  • Free how to use, service and maintenance video online access link
  • Free AED Awareness training face to face or online product demonstration for your team to build your confidence in using the AED correctly
  • 1 x AED Sign
  • 1 x DRSABCD Wall Chart
  • 1 x Bites and Stings Wall Chart
  • 1 x Choking Wall Chart
  • 1 x DRSABCD Wall Chart
  • 1 x Medical Emergency Plan Wall Chart
  • 8 Year Warranty on the AED
  • Become part of our Pay it Forward AED Cardiac Arrest Survivor program
  • Free promotion in our caring communities program

AED Maintenance requirements

Simply check that the green light on the front is flashing and your AED is good to go

Replace the pads and batteries after 5 years (about $400) Longest pad and battery life in the market today

Check pad pack has not been opened and seal broken and that’s it


Download a product brochure here


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