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Mindray Multifunctional AED pads – adults

$121.97 (inc GST)

Adult AED pad replacements for the Mindray D1


Mindray multifunction electrodes for adults

Disposable, self-adhesive multifunction electrodes for adults.

For up to 50 shocks (360J) monophasic and biphasic

Up to 24 hours of monitoring

Up to 1 hour of pacing using 140mA/120ppM

Up to 1 minutes of pacing using maximum energy and frequency output.

The new disposable pads available for the  Mindray D1 will automatically switch the AED from adult to paediatric if the paediatric pads are connected to the unit

The pads store the expiry date and will send a prompt letting you know if that the pads expire soon or are expired.

Download the full technical specifications for the Mindray multifunction electrodes here


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