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Lifepak CR Plus Replacement Pads and Battery Kit 2 sets of pads


Lifepak Physio Control AED defibrillator replacement pads and lithium battery pack should be replaced after use in a cardiac arrest, when the battery indicator warning symbol is on the screen or the use by date on the pads and battery indicate they are due for replacement. The pads and battery are set to have the same replacement date


Lifepak CR Plus Replacement Kit for CHARGE-PAK Charging Unit – 2 set electrode pads and 1 CHARGE-PAK battery pack

  • 2 set of electrode pads and 1 battery charger for the Lifepak CR2 AED
  • Replacement instructions for the AED DEfibrilator pads and battery
  • Discharger for safe disposal of used CHARGE-PAK charger
  • For use with LifePak CR Plus and LifePak Express

Instructions on maintenance, changing the pads and battery are available for download here

Consider this package which contains a 1 sets of pads with a battery

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    Lifepack CR2 AED Essential Gold Value Package

    The LIFEPAK CR2 Defibrillator has an advanced AED operating system, the child and adult mode makes this device a simple choice for schools, childcare centres and anywhere where the rescuer may come across child or adult patients. It has a host of features like

    • Faster to shock and the only AED with CPR insight technology that allows chest compressions during ECG rhythm analysis which means more effective CPR
    • CPR coaching and metronome to set an effective CPR pace during an arrest
    • Bilingual – Duel Language that can be switched during a resuscitation if required
    • Adult and child modes at the press of a button with 2 sets of pads included
    • IP rating of 55 for tough conditions
    • Available in semi or fully automatic modes
    • 8 year warranty
    • 4 year pad and battery life
    • Soft shell carry case
    • Clear voice technology- easy to hear and understand instructions
    • Weight of only 2kg for easy of transporting                                                                       Fully Automatic model = no button to push to deliver shock. Semi-Automatic model = push button to deliver a shock. We recommend the fully automatic model for use as a public access defibrillator


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