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Brayden CPR manikin

$655.00 (inc GST)

Now you can see the real point of CPR

Animated LED lights under the skin of the Brayden Manikin allow students to see the effect their CPR Rate Compression Depth, Speed and Recoil has. The forehead lights up when the CPR is effective. You can see immediately the quality of their technique.

We use these as a really effective visual learning tool as they instantly re-inforces our CPR Trainers instructions to students. The Brayden CPR Manikin’s dual modes structures CPR training: from learning effective CPR to perfecting CPR technique, as per the Australian Resuscitation Council Guidelines.

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They are ideal for scenario-based training – You can simulate Sudden Cardiac Arrest by turning the power off and have students work effectively over 2 minutes to maintain the best blood flow to the brain! We choose these manikins to demonstrate the importance of visual feedback in assisting learning. This is by far the best manikin for the ultimate CPR Learning experience.

When the compression rate is over 100 per minute the blood circulating indicator lights illuminate to represent the flow of blood from the heart to the brain. The speed varies according to the depth and speed of the compressions.

These illuminate when the chest is depressed over 5cms and represent the volume of blood being circulated by the chest compressions. This volume depends on the depth of compressions.

The forehead illuminates to represent that blood is reaching the brain. Students must get the depth speed and compressions correct.

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