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AED Premium Prep Kit

$69.45 (inc GST)

Our AED preparation kit has great quality contents you can count on in an emergency. It comes in clear plastic or green bag to attach to your AED;-

a razor

Mouth-to-mouth barrier device

Trauma shears for cutting clothing

Chest wipe

Alco wipe

Nitrile gloves

The kit container itself doubles as a waste disposal bag

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Pad placement and good adhesion and a dry chest are the critical requirements for the delivery of effective shocks from your AED Defib. This premium quality preparation kit contains quality products to make the job easier.

The “Time to first shock” is a critical factor in determining the outcome. Anything that improves the ability to get the pads to adhere to the bare chest has the potential to improve outcomes in sudden cardiac arrest (SCA)
Our AED Prep kit comes in clear plastic or green bag.

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